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Photographing Collection Pieces

At the Pratt Museum, we spent this past Saturday and Sunday photographing collection pieces from the Sugpiaq Catalog. Thanks to the generous support of Museums Alaska, we were able to contract with Daryl Kreun, Port Graham photographer, to work with … Continue reading

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Sugpiaq Catalog Workshop

As part of the Lower Kenai Peninsula Material Culture and Heritage Preservation project, generously funded by Museums Alaska, we had a busy few days at the Pratt Museum. We had Alma Moonin from Nanwalek completing training on general museum collection … Continue reading

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“As promised” photos from the Pratt Museum

This week I am posting two photos I promised a few weeks back to various people interested in the history of the lower Kenai Sugpiaq region. The first photo is the one I mentioned on Facebook’s Sugpiat message board last week … Continue reading

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News form The Frontiersman – 1947

This week, a gentleman donated a series of issues of The Frontiersman, a biweekly newspaper published in Seldovia. The collection covers several issues of the paper mainly from the year 1947. Savanna Bradley, the Collection Manager of the Pratt Museum, … Continue reading

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Old Church History, Passage Island Fox Farm, and News from the Past

Here are three photographs from the Pratt Museum’s collection connected to John Herbert and Passage Island. I have mentioned him in a post a few years ago, when I was working with the Alaska Commercial Company (ACC) collection in at … Continue reading

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Archaeological finds and old photos of Nanwalek

According to the Pratt Museum’s catalog this aerial photo of Nanwalek (PM 2001-014-0006) was taken sometimes between 1956 and 1974. The old church is clearly visible on the hillside with one of the small paths leading to it. I was surprised … Continue reading

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Four more photos from the Pratt Museum’s Archives (1890s-1930s)

This photo of a seining party in 1892 at Port Graham is originally from the National Archives (NARA) (22-FFA-461), but a copy is available at the Pratt Museum (1999-001-0003). According to the National Archive’s copyright policy this is a publicly available … Continue reading

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