Pratt Museum – Smith Family Historic photograph collection

I have found these photos while I was working on putting together the Sugpiaq Catalog at the Pratt Museum. They are provided here as a part of the Smith Family Historic photograph collection at the Pratt Museum Photo Archives. Because their copyright belongs to the Pratt Museum, please do not share them on Facebook. But feel free to save and print copies for your own personal use, as also for educational and research purposes with appropriate references. For any other questions regarding reproduction, use, and permissions, including non-profit publishing, please contact the Pratt Museum. These photos are posted here with permission from the Pratt Museum.

The Pratt Museum collection number is noted on each photo for your reference. You can click on the photos to see larger versions. I am not sure, but it appeared to me as if these photos were taken up on the trail in Nanwalek. I thought the one with the people having picnic looks like Yum-yum. Also, the one with the weir looking thing across the creek looks like as if it was taken from the other side from the trail. There are more photos in this collection, some of which are of school children in Port Graham in the 1930s. The Smiths were schoolteachers there for a while. So I figured maybe this was an outing for them to Nanwalek, they went for hiking perhaps.

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