Video Collection Section – Two Interviews Posted

A new section of Nanwalek History – Video Collections nested under Oral History – went up this past week with the help of research assistant Ivana Ash. Ivana summarized two interviews and composed English descriptions for them. In the first interview, Kathy Brewster and Malania Kehl tell the story of Bigfoot. In the second one, Rhoda Moonin talks about life in Nanwalek as she was growing up.

Ivana also opened a youtube account for the website and uploaded these two video segments. For those of you in Nanwalek and other communities with streaming limitations, Rhoda’s interview is 1.53 GB while Kathy’s and Malania’s is 1.24 GB. You can stream both straight from the website.

Moreover, Ivana sorted through the photos from my fieldwork at the British Museum and organized them into files labeled with appropriate accession numbers. I will start uploading the photos this week.

As I will be uploading material to the website throughout the winter break, I will not post each addition on Facebook. This would overwhelm the discussion in the Sugpiat group. Instead, if you would like to receive notification when each upload becomes available, you are welcome to sign up with your email to receive notifications. You can do it right here on the sidebar by entering your email address and hitting the “Follow” button.


Alternately, or in addition to, the previous, you can also go to the Nanwalek History Facebook page and “like” the page.

I will keep posting updates on the Nanwalek History Facebook page so you will receive notifications when something new goes up on the website.

To reach the new content, you can either click on Oral History and then follow the corresponding links to each video or go directly to Video Collections.

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