A Selection of Online Resources – new page on the webiste

I opened a new area of the website to start listing other resources available on the internet that are relevant to the history of the region. Below are a few highlights. You can find the full list of links on the Resources page.

For those of you who are interested in the history of Russian Orthodoxy of Alaska, there is a 10 part audio series available online by Father Michael Oleksa from 1997 on his website.

The Thrice-Holy Prayers and Little Litany by Jeff Leer and Sergius Moonin are available on the All Saints of North America Orthodox Church website in a manuscript format from 1981. On the same page, a collection of Kodiak-Alutiiq Orthodox texts are also available from the mid-1800s.

There are three interviews available with Dr. Alan Boraas on the history of the Kenai Peninsula through the KBBI radio station’s archives. In 2014, he covered a variety of topics in Dena’ina history as well as early explorers (e.g. Captain Cook), the battle of Kenai, the Alaska Purchase, and salmon canneries, among others.

Dr. Boraas has also uploaded his entire, semester-long Cook Inlet Anthropology course as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for anyone who wishes to learn about the this topic. This rich resource includes 22 lectures, a comprehensive bibliography, visual material, and selected readings.

The Chenega Diaries project website by the Chenega Village Corporation’s Preservation Program contains videos segments, book excerpts, and educator resources. The Project gathered information and interviewed Elders so their stories  can be implemented as curriculum in Chugach region schools. Chenega Diaries: Stories and Voices of Our Past (2011) is only one of many cultural projects by the Chenega Culture Preservation Program.

The National Park Service offers two excellent publication that are fully available online. A Stern and Rock-Bound Coast by Linda Cook and Frank Norris is a detailed description of the history of the Kenai Fjords National Park. Chapters 2 and 3 are particularly useful to the Sugpiaq History of the lower-Kenai region. Cultural Science in Kenai Fjords – Connecting with the Past- The Kenai Fjords Oral History and Archaeology Project by Aron Crowell recounts the Aialiq Bay project on the Outer Coast of the Kenai Peninsula.

The Alaska Native Language Archives uploaded several resources to their webpage including Nanwalegmiut Paluwigmiut-llu Nupuqnerit and two copies of Nanwalek Highlights. A few years back, we used these student magazines in Nanwalek school to learn about Aleut baseball and the history of Nanwalek in the 70s. Nanwalek Highlights is a precursor to the popular Alexandrovsk series.

Finally, UAFs Project Jukebox on Nanwalek and Port Graham has been a tremendous resource for all in the region working with heritage preservation and on cultural projects. The richness of the website reflects the enormous effort Elders, translators, and contributors invested into bringing together multiple voices for sharing Sugpiaq traditions and oral history.

If you know of additional digital resources you would like me to list, please leave a comment or email me the link at nanwalekhistory@gmail.com. Thank you!

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