Painted Wood Grave Figure – IV. A. 6679

Painted Wood Grave Figure – IV.A. 6679
45cm x 9.5 cm x 7.5 cm

Shaman’s figure, painted red on face and holes on earlobes. Elaborately carved face.
Similar to: Alutiiq Museum (UA85.193:4063 and UA85.193.3695) Looking Both Ways – Our Beliefs – Stake Dolls: “It was believed that shamans could put a spirit into a doll, then send it away to save people from danger — or to cause their deaths. Some dolls could speak, but only the shaman could hear their words. Spirit-helpers also took the forms of owls and loons, whose calls meant the arrival of sickness.”
Also NMNH E074719 – Shaman’s doll – Fisher

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